CLIENT : Touchbyte Ltd

PROJECT : Facentry UCMe-C Casing

SERVICES : 2D Concept Design, 3D CAD Engineering, Prototyping/3D printing

Facentry is a contactless door lock and access solution which automatically unlocks a door through facial recognition. Developed by Touchbyte Ltd., the Facentry system can be deployed to access any space; from offices, to hotels and construction sites. As such, our brief was to create a simple yet sophisticated casing that would work across all environments.

Vital Spark Creative worked closely with the Touchbyte team to develop an initial concept casing. We refined the casing through an iterative process of design modifications, 3D printing and testing.


The tough casing is designed to be used in any environment, including construction sites, and is IP67 rated. There is a clever wall mount plate that discreetly blends into the back of the casing while the front cabinet allows for easy installation and camera calibration. The front cabinet and inlay plate can be personalised to suit a particular customer.


We collaborated closely with our electronics development partner to find appropriate IP-rated components and design the casing around them.