CLIENT : J T Networks Ltd

PROJECT : Hawkstar Surveying Target Range

SERVICES: Design Research, 3D CAD Engineering, Prototyping/3D Printing, Manufacturing

J T Networks manufacture and supply optical surveying targets to the rail industry. They approached Vital Spark Creative to develop a new range of targets. Targets are used in the rail industry to monitor for track movement when work is carried out near a railway line.

Targets are typically glued to the track at regular intervals and an HDS Laser scanner is used to monitor the track for movement. Vital Spark Creative has now designed two Hawk Star targets – one a fixed position target and the second a 180 degree adjustable target. With both products Vital Spark Creative worked closely with the Team at JT Networks to develop the idea from concept to final design, taking the solution through multiple rounds of prototyping before introducing JT Networks to one of our UK manufacturers for the injection moulding tooling and part production.