CLIENT : Trekmates

PROJECT : Snax Tools

SERVICES : 2D Concept Design, 3D CAD Engineering

Trekmates, an outdoor accessories specialist, commissioned Vital Spark Creative to design their Snax Tools range. The six-in-one utensil sets consists of a fork, spoon, knife, strainer, spatula and tongs which clip together when not in use for compact storage.


Vital Spark Creative designed two different sizes of sets, an individual smaller set and a larger family one, working closely with the Trekmates team, and their factory in China throughout the design process.

Trekmates Spoon Set Proto review 020914

We relied on multiple rounds of prototyping to develop and perfect the sets, before the product was successfully delivered to market. The components are moulded from glass filled nylon to make sure that the utensils effectively combated heat when used over a stove.