CLIENT : Vital Spark Creative (own product)

PROJECT : SteriPay

SERVICES : User Research, 2D Concept Design, 3D CAD Engineering, Prototyping/3D Printing, Electronic Development

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Vital Spark Creative secured funding from Innovate UK to develop a product to counter the hygiene challenges presented by COVID-19 for retailers, particularly around card payment terminals – a common touch point which harbours many germs.


Steripay v3 - website photo context 1

The team conducted extensive market research to understand the scale of the problem and the market opportunity. We followed this up with initial 2D concept designs, creating 3D prototypes of proposed ideas and testing them rigorously.

SteriPay v3 - Final Model2.717

After various iterations, Vital Spark Creative has developed SteriPay – a product which rapidly disinfects card payment terminals between uses though a dedicated cleaning station that emits UV-C light when the terminal is inserted into it. The cleaning station controls the cleaning process, both disinfecting all surfaces of the Payment Terminal, and keeping the harmful UV-C light away from users. The whole process takes 25 seconds end to end.

Steripay v3 Animation.769.223

Vital Spark Creative has developed SteriPay to a fully functioning prototype stage and have Patent Pending status on a number of its features. We are actively looking for a suitable development partner that we can work with to take this product to market. For more information, please view the product at or contact us at