CLIENT : Solder Creative Ltd


SERVICES : 3D CAD Engineering, Prototyping/3D Printing

Solder Creative approached Vital Spark Creative with a brief to design the casing for their device WATR, a smart water monitor that has been designed to analyse water quality around the world by providing an easy, accurate and reliable data logging system.

Vital Spark Creative worked closely with the team at Solder Creative to create the casing that would house the monitor in an iterative cycle of modification, prototyping and testing. The end result is a robust casing with a unique marine, rugged look that is split into two modules. The upper control module houses the system’s brains, power and provides the buoyancy. The lower module is submerged and houses a series of probes that measure parameters of the water.

The final design incorporated considerations around the tooling costs associated with large mouldings and to keep manufacturing costs down, the two modules are made using the same parts.

WATR has now successfully launched as a company in its own right and has received over £300K of investment through the SEEDRS investment network.