From Concept to Manufacture

What We Do

Here at Vital Spark Creative we do innovation differently. We know that no two projects are the same and, as such, our process is adaptable to meet your specific project needs. 
Whilst the tactics might change, what remains constant in all our work is our proactive approach to design. We believe that the best designs come from collaboration – working with you to understand the ‘spark’ or idea behind your new concept to make sure that our end product reflects your objectives and ultimately meets your customers’ needs. We work with individuals, start-ups and large companies alike to drive innovation and deliver commercially successful products that not only look great and function brilliantly but are manufactured on time and on budget. Our services are made up of a number of components. To find out how we can help you – contact us here. In the meantime, click on each of section headers to find out more about our individual services.
Process Diagram

Design Research

Research and user insight is the corner stone of every project that we undertake.  Research is ongoing throughout a project and is used to inform our decisions making sure your product meets the needs of your customers. 

2D Concept Design

2D design work allows us to take your brief and quickly sketch around the problem, while visually defining the concept.  Sketch ideas allow us to quickly explore lots of options, proceeding with what works and discounting what does not. This work forms the essential foundations from which to start fleshing out our concept more fully in 3D.

3D Cad Engineering

Now we think through how your product is going to work. 

We use market leading Solidworks 3D Computer Aided Design to engineer the design in preparation for prototyping and production.

Prototyping / 3D Printing

Here we bring your product to life.  We use the latest 3D printing techniques to evaluate our design and ensure that everything both functions correctly and meets the needs of your customers. 3D printing and prototyping also allows you to interact with your product and test it before committing to tooling and manufacture.

Branding & Packaging

Making your product stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive marketplace is more important than ever before.  Whether it is coming up with the perfect brand name or logo, or designing stunning packaging that will both protect and ultimately sell the product, our creative team at Vital Spark Creative is here to assist you.

Sustainable Design

With consumers more concerned than ever about looking after the planet it is essential that all product development is carried out responsibly.  Much of our work is now focused on re-designing products and packaging with a more environmental focus, ensuring limited damage to the environment throughout a product’s lifecycle, and considering the products’ end of life.  Our team relish this design challenge and are constantly striving to reduce impact through design. Get in touch if you feel your products would benefit an environmental rethink.

Electrical Development

Product design often goes hand in hand with systems and PCB design work.  Vital Spark Creative works closely with a number of excellent electrical developers who can design complex electrical systems and will collaborate on initial systems layout to low volume PCB production.


Once we have designed, prototyped, tested, and refined your product you are ready to go to market. Manufacturing is comprised of a few steps; making each component, assembling all the individual parts (including off the shelf parts and any electronics), packaging the finished assembly and shipping.