Sustainable Design

With consumers more concerned than ever about looking after the planet it is essential that all product development is carried out responsibly.

Much of our work is now focused on re-designing products and packaging with a more environmental focus, ensuring limited damage to the environment throughout a product’s lifecycle, and considering the products’ end of life. Our team relish this design challenge and are constantly striving to reduce impact through design. Get in touch if you feel your products would benefit an environmental rethink.

Here are some of the ways we are tackling the sustainability challenge:

  • Materials are the first thing you think of when products claim to be sustainable. We have a number of suppliers that provide recycled and post-consumer recycled materials ready for a fresh start in your products. This is a simple and effective way to immediately reduce a new products impact on the environment.
  • Design is what we do, and we have many tricks to reduce a product’s environmental footprint. From optimising design, to reducing material volume, to utilising new materials and manufacturing techniques that require less energy – there are a number of credible options available.
  • Staying local. We have a number of local suppliers that can provide production prices at or below the prices available from Asian manufactures. Cutting the miles your product travels from manufacturer to consumer is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact.